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CHICAGO — Bulls point guard Derrick Rose(Derrick Rose Jersey) is a game-time decision for Tuesday night’s game against the Miami Heat because of ongoing issues with right hamstring tendinitis.

“Derrick made it through a lot of practice [Monday],” Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg said. “Sat him out a little bit … we’ll see [Tuesday] with Derrick. We’ll see how he responded to practice and make a game-time decision [Tuesday].”

Rose, who has missed 10 games this year, including three straight because of the injury, has been dealing with the same problem off and on throughout the season.

“He’s feeling better,” Hoiberg said Monday. “When I worked him out the morning of the Washington game [last Wednesday], he was in a lot of pain. [Sunday] he worked out again and he had less pain. This morning he got a good warm-up in, got a good workout before practice, participated in most of it, and that’s a good sign that he has not had a setback after some good hard workouts. So again, we’ll see how he’s doing [Tuesday], he made it through part of the scrimmage [Monday] and hopefully he’ll be available if not [Tuesday], then in Orlando.”

While Hoiberg is hopeful that Rose will be back soon, he also wants to allow Rose to feel comfortable on the floor before sending him out to play again.

“That’s the big thing right now, it’s basically an injury that’s based on feel. If he feels like he can explode off it — if he feels good enough to go out there and play, he’ll play. If not, if he’s still got trouble exploding off the leg, then we’ll take the cautious approach and sit him.”

Rose has taken criticism from some Bulls fans for not playing through pain and for sitting out games because of “general soreness.” Rose has been very clear in recent days that he will decide if and when he plays.

Hoiberg backed up Rose’s decision again on Monday.

“Look, nobody wants to be out there more than Derrick does, I know that,” Hoiberg said. “It’s just he cannot explode off that leg and that’s what was holding him back.”

In other Bulls injury news, Hoiberg said Jimmy Butler (left knee sprain) and Nikola Mirotic (appendectomy/hematoma removal) would not travel with the team to Florida. It remains unclear when either player will return to the floor.

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BOSTON — Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose(Derrick Rose Jersey) acknowledged that he does not feel he is deserving of an All-Star selection this season.

Rose, a three-time All-Star pick, finished seventh in this year’s voting for Eastern Conference guards, but he didn’t express any anger or resentment toward fans for not being voted into the game.

“Nah,” Rose said after Friday’s shootaround. “Nah. Just the year I’ve missed too many games. That was about it. Missed too many games.”

Rose, a former league MVP, made his last All-Star appearance in 2012 before knee injuries started limiting his availability. He is averaging a career-low 15.4 points and 3.1 rebounds a game this season and struggled to find a rhythm early on after missing most of training camp because of a fractured left orbital.

“All-Star is great,” Rose said. “It’s a huge accomplishment, great accolade, great to have on your resume, but it don’t define the player I am or someone is just because of the All-Star Game.”

Rose did say that Jimmy Butler, who finished fourth in All-Star voting for Eastern Conference guards, deserves to make the All-Star team.

“I think he deserves to go, man, period,” Rose said. “He’s been ballin’. As far as us having one of the top teams in the East, he held us up so far, so I think that he deserves it, but it’s not my say.”

Butler, who missed Friday’s shootaround and is a game-time decision for Friday’s contest against the Boston Celtics because of flu-like symptoms, is averaging a career-high 22.4 points a game this year. He is expected to be named a reserve next week.

Rose isn’t sure exactly what he will be doing during the All-Star break but said he might work out with longtime personal trainer Rob McClanaghan and some of his close friends.

“I think that I know my game enough where I don’t need Rob always around,” Rose said. “So if he’s able to join me, that would be cool. But if not, I think me and my friends will be all right with just our kids in the gym just having fun, just like a family atmosphere.”

Rose played one of his best games of the season Wednesday, scoring 29 points in 30 minutes in a blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors. He is getting frustrated at some questions regarding whether he can get his game back to the MVP level again.

“I don’t think about what people think or say,” Rose said. “It’s whatever they say, but the only thing I can do is just keep working on my game and focus on what I’ve been focusing on.”